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freedom house

An all encompassing program for at-risk single moms and their kids:
Keeping families together and children out of foster care

Single moms with kids are the largest growing homeless population.

As Hope for Addiction got its start, we saw an overwhelming need for housing for single mothers and their children. Women with children often leave behind unsafe homes and environments. So began Freedom House. But the need was even greater than we expected. What was originally a safe-shelter for struggling addicted mothers, turned into an all-encompassing program that teaches single moms how to be sober WHILE juggling real life, providing for their children and their own needs.

some wandered looking for a home to dwell....
Psalm 107:4-9



Once a woman has gained stability and settled into the safety of Freedom House, she is paired with a certified counselor who will address her specific needs. Counselors are specially trained to address addictions and trauma. Weekly counseling meetings, case management and weekly evaluations keep women well supported and moving forward toward her goal of




Taking steps to begin life again is hard work. Every day responsibilities and basic life skills have been forgotten or never learned: cooking, cleaning, paying bills, managing a schedule, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, relationships, emotional and spiritual balance, and more. Based on individual needs, full-time staff and mentors teach mom all she needs to manage her new life, ultimately leading her to self-sufficiency.



Parenting is unknown for all of us, and especially so for a single mom trying to rebuild their lives. Parenting classes help mom regain her role of motherhood and equip her to train and provide for her children. In addition to classes, mom is given parenting plans and practical support to implement all she has learned with hands-on assistance in the moments she needs it most. This support keeps her moving forward and ensures that kids receive all they need.



Moms are connected with a mentor who invests in her life on a daily basis. Each of us needs a friend with more experience to help us grow, provide accountability and encouragement. These relationships become life-long friendships.



Women are taught to open and maintain a bank account, create a budget, clear up past debts, pay monthly bills and save for their future. ​Women learn to make wise financial choices to stay within her budget and save for her future

On-going evaluation of their progress keeps moms on track to be on her own and grow in responsibility.​



Many moms have been living in "survival mode" and have not held a steady job, making employment a challenge. Finding a job, maintaining a job and providing stability to provide for her children can seem impossible. Mothers  learn how to apply and search for jobs, how to create a resume, interview and prepare to present herself to prospective employers and learn the importance of being reliable, honest and hard working.

  • Desire and willingness to change your life

  • Ability to secure and maintain employment

  • Drug and alcohol free for 30 days

  • Remain drug, alcohol and nicotine free

  • Willing to follow program guidelines

  • Willing to submit to instruction from your assigned care team

  • Ladies and children benefit from church service on Sundays


Freedom House is a faith-based program

Freedom House is not a medical facility, so we are not able to serve women currently taking certain medications (contact us to discuss medications)


Danielle's story of hope

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